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What Is Xylazine

Some people often ask How To Buy Xylazine Tranquilizer. Xylazine injection is a sedative and analgesic as well as a muscle relaxant. Xylazine HCl Injection is used in horses to produce a state of sedation accompanied by a shorter period of analgesia. A sleeplike state is usually maintained for 1-2 hours, while analgesia lasts from 15-30 minutes.

Xylazine Injection is a new type of animal tranquilizer appearing more frequently in drug supplies across the US and is thought to be responsible for thousands of overdoses in states like Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey. Also known by the street name, “Tranq,”.

Officials say drug suppliers are lacing the Fentanyl and Heroin supply with Xylazine because it is cheap and easy to get. This means that many users may be using the drug unknowingly. Because Xylazine isn’t an Opioid, it can’t be detected by Fentanyl testing strips, nor can its effects be negated using Naloxone, a medication that reverses the effects of drug overdoses. The drug has been said to be so powerful that it can “knock out” users for about 6 to 8 hours, far longer than most Opioids.

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Where Is Tranq Coming From

Health officials in the city claim that an “alarming” amount of the drug has entered the city in the last few years, leading to a spike in cases of Xylazine-related overdoses. Researchers in Pennsylvania estimate that Xylazine is in 91% of the Heroin and Fentanyl supply in Philadelphia, and claim its prevalence is making its way west. Additionally, the Detroit Free Press reports that deaths involving the tranquilizer increased 87% from 2019 to 2020 in the state of Michigan.

Other states that have been plagued by the recent spike in Xylazine include New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, all of which have seen a staggering increase in overdoses in the last year. In Maryland alone, which ranks 6th in the country for the rate of fatal overdoses (44.6 per 100,000), Xylazine was involved in nearly 20% of all fatal drug overdoses in 2021. How To Buy Xylazine Tranquilizer

Xylazine Addiction Treatment

Since health officials know very little about the drug, it is not advised for anyone who is using Xylazine to detox alone. Experts suggest undergoing a supervised medical detox at an inpatient rehab facility for the safest possible outcome.

Once detox is completed, treatment may include a variety of methods, including medically assisted treatment, recreational therapies, group therapies, and other specialized treatment methods geared toward specific Xylazine withdrawal symptoms. Certain psychological counseling modalities have shown to be particularly successful in treating addictions to similar substances like Ketamine. These include cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.

While Xylazine in and of itself is not a “new” substance, its use outside of veterinary medicine has skyrocketed in the last few years. How To Buy Xylazine Tranquilizer. Since the drug has not been studied for its effects on humans extensively, along with the fact that much of the Xylazine in circulation is laced with Opioids like Fentanyl, it can be extremely difficult to determine when someone may be experiencing an overdose or severe adverse effects.

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